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Ebikes, e-bikes, electric bikes, pedelecs, electric motorbikes, whatever you call your two wheeled electric beast, you’ve come to the right place.

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Ebikes or e-bikes are, in the simplest terms, a bicycle or a push bike with a motor powered by a battery, they still have pedals but can sometimes be pedal assist or include a throttle with pedals.


These are motorbikes but they are powered by a battery rather than petrol. You need the appropriate licence to ride them on UK roads.


Our guides and features have been built to inform and entertain all electric two wheeled machine enthusiasts and newbies alike!

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Ebike pedal

Complete guide to ebikes

Absolutely everything you need to know about ebikes, You might own one or be thinking of buying one, either way, read this…

A guide to ebike laws in the UK

It’s important you understand it before you purchase your new ebike. Find out what’s legal to ride and where…

Himiway ebikes

Should I buy an ebike?

You’re already here, so probably don’t need this explaining, but we’ve put together a list of the top reasons to get an ebike…

Our guides are there to help you make the right e-bike buying decision or just understand your ebike…

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front of ebike

Are ebikes good for the environment?

Many argue that ebikes aren’t as good for the environment as the industry claims. We explore lithium mining and ebike impacts…

difference between ebikes and electric motorbikes

Will petrol motorbikes be banned?

There are some pretty major changes coming for petrol motorbikes in 2030 and 2035 with sales of petrol machines being restricted…

ebike skidding

London’s controversial ULEZ expansion

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone is set to expand to all London boroughs in 2023, meaning a £12.50 charge for ‘dirty’ vehicles

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