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A complete guide to ebikes – ultimate ebike guide

Don’t know your Watt Hours from your Watts? Struggling with your throttle ebike or pedelec? Our ultimate guide will help you understand all of the elements that make an ebike… an ebike!

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A guide to UK ebike laws – what you need to know before you hit the road

Don’t get caught short on your ebike law knowledge when riding in the UK. Can you ride a 250w or 750w ebike on UK roads? Find out! I fought the law and the law won…

Should I buy an ebike? What are the benefits of owning an ebike?

They’re green, cheap to run, look cool, they’re fast, easy, convenient… need we go on? We do? Ok, check out our benefits of ebikes guide today!

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What’s the difference between ebikes and electric motorbikes?

We’ll summarise, ebikes are bicycles with motors powered by batteries – electric motorbikes are motorbikes powered by batteries instead of petrol. Need more?

Check out the ebike brands available to you…