About Us

Two wheel enthusiasts loving electric

Flying the flag for ebikes, electric motorbikes and anything electric with two wheels

Being riders of motorbikes and bicycles, we’ve been instant fans of developments within the world of electric two wheelers. Inspired by moto-culture we wanted to create a community of like-minded riders, so we founded Electric Two.

Choose life on two wheels.

Ebikes are growing fast…

The numbers speak for themselves

5 million

ebikes sold per year


Year on Year growth

3 million

ebikes sold in the UK already

It’s only a matter of time before ebikes are a part of all of our lives here in the UK. With climate change priorities changing the way we all live, ebikes can be part of the solution.

We constantly explore the world of ebikes so you can visit Electric Two and stay up to date with all of the latest releases of ebikes and electric bikes, as well as updates to the UK laws and how you can use your ebike whilst ensuring you stay within the law. We know it’s not the most glamorous element of ebike and electric bike riding but it’s important as you don’t want to get caught short whilst on the road – what fun would a run in with the law be? Exactly.

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