Energica Motor Company is an Italian manufacturer of electric motorcycles.

It was founded in 2014 in Modena, Italy by the CRP Group, a company involved in computer numerical control machining and additive manufacturing with advanced selective laser sintering materials, with the aim of creating high-performance and sustainable motorcycles.

The company has a close relationship with its parent company CRP Group and its first prototypes were manufactured using 3D printing and F1 technologies. Energica is the feminine form of the Italian adjective “energetic”.

Energica’s concept comes from the eCRP 1.4, the runner-up world champion and European champion electric racing motorcycle.

The eCRP team created this high-performing electric racing motorcycle in just six months.

The eCRP was designed and built in 2010, and it was presented at the “Cleaner Racing Conference” in Birmingham, UK, on January 13, 2010, by Lord Paul Drayson, UK’s former Minister for Science and Innovation.

The eCRP was created from the ground up as a real electric racing motorcycle, specifically designed for 100% electrical power.

In 2012, CRP presented the running prototype of Energica and launched the first model Ego in 2013.

The production Ego features multiple ride modes and levels of regenerative braking, a low-speed reverse mode, Bosch anti-lock braking system, a 100 kW oil-cooled, permanent-magnet AC motor, a 11.7 kW⋅h battery (nominal; max 13.4 kW⋅h), with a claimed range of 150 km at 80 km/h and Mode-4 DC supercharging capability.

In November 2014, Energica Motor Company was officially founded and the company presented its second model, Energica Eva, at EICMA.

The Eva shared the same electric powertrain and chassis as the Ego, with the motor limited to 80 kW of power and top speed limited to 200 km/h.

Energica’s involvement in racing gives them an advantage in product development over other EV manufacturers. Energica Motor Company was delisted from the Milan Stock Exchange on March 28, 2022.

Ideanomics, Inc. gained a 72.42% stake in the company while the Cevolini family retained 17.62% ownership.

The Energica Ego and the Energica Eva are two of the motorcycles the company has produced.

Custom Energica

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