Best ebike YouTube Channels

Are you looking to educate yourself on ebikes via YouTube? Need to watch some videos about ebikes to help you buy an ebike, upgrade your current ebike or help to maintain it? Then read on…

We’ve compiled this list based on YouTube channels that talk about, review, educate and promote ebikes. Feel free to drop us a line if we’ve missed one!

Bike has 286,000 subscribers which they have generated from 184 videos.

They have lots of videos about unboxing and testing the latest E bikes E bike predictions buying cheap E bikes from China, using solar panels to charge Derry bikes, trying out different chargers, testing, different motors, helmets and ideas for improving the bikes and the E bike industry.

Ebike states that it’s the place to learn about electric bicycles from lithium batteries all sorts of other related projects which they carry out. They post a lot of videos with how to use and information and even have an e-book. video

Electric Cycle Rider

Electric cycle rider is an American electric motorcycle and bikechannel with 47,000 subscribers generated from 87 videos .

Electric cycle rider has a mission to help inform Riders by testing and providing feedback on the best electric motorcycles both on and off road, including race environments to help potential E bike purchases, make the right decision when buying a new electric machine.

The videos look at the latest, Sir runs Hondas zeros other electric race bikes. They look at the server wrong, compared to the talaria, mini dirt bikes for kids and more.

Electric Cycle Rider video

Juiced Joy Rides

Juiced joyrides is another American channel, ran by a man called Matt . They have over 5000 subscribers generated from 50 videos.

Matt looks at sirens and other electric motorcycles, as well as the bikes, analysing top, speeds problems, batteries, honest, reviews and modifications .

Juiced Joy Rides video

Sur Ronster

The roster channel has a whopping 429,000 subscribers generated from 257 videos, and you guessed it it’s all about Sur Rons.

I look at other electric content, including wheelies reviews custom, builds and more .

Sur Ronster

Electric Mountain Bike network 

The electric mountain bike network says it is dedicated to igniting passion for electric mountain bikes. It has 229,000 subscribers from over 1000 videos. They cover electric mountain bikes from every angle and inspire people to go electric helping users understand what they need, where and how to ride and how to get the best from their electric mountain bike. 

They analyse drive system is reasons for purchasing an E bike best lightweight, electric mountain bikes. They have mountain bike pros and celebrities how to fix how to make yourself a better rider, battery care, maintenance skills, hacks, health, advice and lots more. 

Electric Mountain Bike Network video


The electro heads believed zero emissions means infinite possibilities and they state their mission is to spread the unique joy of electric vehicles to the masses. That means that this is not just about the bikes and electric motorcycles, but all electric vehicles. However, you’ll find some great UK base content on electric two wheelers .

Videos they’ve created about the bikes and electric bikes include the best electric bikes to people can ride the best electric bikes, you’ve never heard of first rides, best electric bikes for women, one K versus 4K, electric bikes, ideal electric bikes, for first time, users, electric bike laws and the best electric bikes money can buy .

Electroheads video

Global Cycling Network

The global cycling network is not just about electric bikes but all types of cycling but you’ll still find some great E bike content on here it has over 3 million subscribers from 4.4 K videos .

They look at ways to improve your cycling, which would obviously include the bikes, and the Evite content includes things such as 10 things we wish we’d known about the bikes. That’s a great watch with over 1 million views. 

GCN ebike video

Dude Stuff

Dude stuff is not just about electric motorcycles once again but has a lot of things about them and other electric stuff as they call it. It has over 17,000 subscribers from 225 videos.

The videos include best entry level ebike kit for 1000 what a bike is worth it a bike Speedtest by Projects 30,000w ebikes. Best value ebikes of 23 worlds fastest e-chopper custom fat tire, ebikes and more so you can see there’s a big focus on electric cycles on this channel, despite its generic dude stuff name.

Dude Stuff ebike video

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